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Obituary Files

The Museum has a collection of obituaries from Bandon and the surrounding area. These files are available for examination by visiting the Museum.

Cemetery Records

Cemetery records for Bandon and the surrounding area are available at the Museum for examination. The information available for each individual varies.

Averill Cemetery

Take a virtual tour of Bandon's historic cemetery. The cemetery is actually three cemeteries that are on one continuous piece of land. The three cemeteries are the Pioneer, also called the “Averill” Cemetery; the G.A.R. or Grand Army of the Republic cemetery; and the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery. For historical purposes, this tour concentrates on the Pioneer and the G.A.R. sections.

Take The Tour

A few other links to Oregon genealogical information may be of interest to you. The links below take you outside of the Museum's website.


While we do not have the staff to handle research requests, we may be able to have one of our volunteers take a quick look at our records to see if an individual is in our records. A small donation would be appreciated if we are able to locate information for you. Click the "Question?" button below to send us a message.